The Alouettes team up with Outbox for a touchdown!

July 18, 2019

Montreal cityscape at night

The Alouettes have joined forces with another Montreal favourite - Outbox - to make an offensive play in their customer ticketing platform.Outbox, a major Alouettes fan and experienced player in the field with a strong track record, is proud to welcome this Canadian football team to its ranks. Together they’ll fill the 25,012 seats at Percival Molson Stadium; the Alouettes' legendary arena for more than 30 years.In February of this year, the Alouettes also launched a new identity to reignite their die-hard brand, calling themselves les “MontréALS”. This moniker symbolizes the deep-rooted sense of belonging the Alouettes have for their beloved city, which has been a quarterback for their success.The MontréALS’ new slogan: “Always Game” simultaneously epitomizes the state of mind of this Montreal team. Sun, rain, sleet or snow… they’re always up for anything, as long as it takes them all the way to the legendary Grey Cup. And now Outbox is also “Always Game” to play their part in getting them there.