The right way, the white label way

June 16, 2021

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Your event, your brand, your data, our solution

There are numerous advantages to a white label ticketing solution. From the importance of promoting your own brand and letting it shine, to having access to your own data and ticket sales revenue immediately and being able to directly engaging with your fans while respecting their privacy. It is about being able to really manage and enhance the fan experience while also looking to optimise your own venue operations and services. Whether you chose to go white label for financial reasons, for marketing reasons, or for simplicity, at Outbox, we strongly believe white label is the direction to take.

Your brand: When you chose to go the white label way with Outbox, you can choose to eliminate the middleman, and their associated brand or just use them as required as a selling agent. When spectators in North America want to attend one of Cirque du Soleil’s (CDS) big top touring shows, which is using the Outbox platform, all they have to do is go on CDS’s website. There, customers will be using Outbox’s ticketing platform, but the Outbox brand is nowhere to be seen – it’s the Cirque du Soleil’s brand and its fan experience for which the stage is set. From the URL, the colors and themes of the webpage, the name of the merchant on the customer’s credit card statement, to the printed or digital ticket, it’s all Cirque du Soleil. The show is Cirque du Soleil, not Outbox, and the customer’s journey and excitement starts and ends under the creative brand of Cirque du Soleil. It’s simple, it’s focused, and Cirque du Soleil has total control over the customer experience.

More fan engagement, less friction: Use the tools you want; your email campaign tools, the marketing and analytics you trust most, and connect them via various Outbox APIs. Keep your fans engaged with you, not with third party service providers. Have your fans stay within your own environment through the use one of single sign-on for your fanclub, your mobile app and your ticket sales. By maintaining a direct relationship with your fans you can create your own fan engagement, craft the right offering and bring together the best pre, post and at event experience. You control what information your fans get, the extras/add-ons or surveys for feedback; it’s faster and simpler when you are in control.

Crisis proof:Things don’t always go as planned: when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, event goers wanted immediate refunds. Existing one on one engagement between ticket buyers and venues provided the path to quick resolutions. Outbox’s clients were able to quickly and fully refund customers or provide value added credit to their account for future purchases.These are only some of the reasons, we believe that the ultimate event ticketing solution is white labelled. It’s better for fans, it’s better for brands. It’s our way of insuring that live events reach out, stand out, and sell out.

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