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Social Distancing Tools

White Labelled – Your Brand

Thermal Access Control scanners

Personal Experiences – Fan Engagement

Web Streaming

We are passionate about technology. We solve complex problems using practical technological innovations.

We develop superlative solutions for sale, management and distribution of tickets, including complete integration with marketing (CRM), financial systems, and corporate web sites.

We deeply scrutinise online behaviors in order to optimise experience and conversions.

Out Do

3d Seat Maps



Ticket Exchange & Resale

Bulk Seat Assignment

Bulk Ticket Refunds

Hidden Channel Discounting

We are meticulous and love work well done. We are dedicated and disciplined in all that we do.

We deploy a modern, powerful and flexible technical platform.

We put the venue in control of all sales and its related data, directly on its web site, while leveraging the venue’s brand while customising the experience on the online buyers.

Out Perform

Waiting Rooms / Managed Queue


Ticket Ballots

Payment Invites

Digital Tickets

RFID Wristbands

Event N3™ & Cloud N3

We are passionate about the entertainment industry and we deliver to the highly tailored and demanding standards of the ticketing industry.

We use technology and our extensive industry experience to offer innovative ways to market and manage tickets.

We leverage the web to its full potential, as a tool for direct sales, optimal customer contact and to virtualise the ticket.

Reach out

Build attendance by interacting directly with your customers.

Segment & Target

  • Advanced segmentation and targeting through integrated CRM
  • Personalised customer offers through promotional codes or targeted account offers
  • Integrated sales force automation
  • Integrated CRM customer service
  • CRM prospecting and assignment


  • Integrated campaign creation and tracking visible “live” in customer records
  • Automated daily sales team tasks for smooth communication with customer
  • Accurately track, record, and report on daily customer service incidents
  • Import leads, create sales opportunities, and assign to your sales staff
  • Communicate and capture custom data elements through customer self-service portal


  • Retargeting through campaign tracking feedback
  • Use captured metrics to accurately retarget customers for future events
  • Keep sales staff informed of past issues and requests for accurate re-targeting of customers


  • Social integrations for viral propagation
  • Social logins to facilitate consumer experience

Know Your Customers

  • Automated customer data unification through customer login
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) as well as supported third party authentication experience for customers

Stand out

Enhance user experience by leveraging your brand.

Your Brand, your Data

  • Complete white label ticketing solution
  • Dedicated data spaces, you own the data
  • Adapts to your desired workflows

Enhanced Consumer Experience

  • Responsive design
  • 3D Seat-Maps, View from Seat, Seat immersion, e-wallets
  • Complete data analytics integration


  • Mobile design oriented buying flows
  • Mobile tickets: either standalone or fully integrated into your mobile application
  • Mobile POS access

Sell out

Drive more revenue by increasing and optimizing your sales.

Ominichannel approach

  • Open and manage a multitude of new distribution channels: online, call centers, box offices, outlets
  • Support multiple channels through personalised web sites or mobile sites or applications
  • Social integrations for viral propagation

Demand-based Pricing

  • Integrations with recommendation engines
  • Control pricing based on recommendations

Integrations and APIs

  • Real time API Integrations for tickets sales, inventory sharing, secondary market, big data, seat upgrades, concessions, loyalty, dynamic pricing
  • Real time data endpoint APIs allowing complete customer and transactional data exchanges

State-of-the-art Fraud Prevention

  • Real time scoring of each online transaction for fraud risk
  • Real time accept-review-reject decision
  • Fraud team reviews flagged transactions and identify suspicious patterns


  • Waiting RoomTM patented technology, allowing traffic management and enhanced consumer experience during large on sale
  • Dashboarding for on sale management


  • Load balancing and real time replication to prevent downtimes

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