The best ticketing solution for touring events

May 8, 2023

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Managing ticket sales for touring events comes with a number of challenges for event planners when dealing multiple countries and/or regions, varying seating plans, local currencies and languages, methods of payment, tax plans, etc. With over 15 years of experience worldwide, Outbox has become the go-to ticketing option for touring events by providing an adaptable platform built to cater to those particular requirements. The need to handle ticket sales across several markets from a single ticketing platform is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why touring companies have chosen Outbox. For its clients such as the Cirque du Soleil, European Tour Group (golf), Just for Laughs, and Imagine Van Gogh – The Immersive Exhibition, Outbox's technology meets the challenge. Using Outbox, event planners can easily track sales in various markets, keep an eye on inventory levels, and guarantee that there are tickets available for every event across multiple dates to maximize revenue. With dynamic ticket pricing based on event date popularity and seat availability, Outbox also provides the capacity to handle ticket sales over several dates from a single platform. By adjusting ticket prices in real-time based on demand, Outbox's dynamic pricing tool assists event planners in maximizing income.

Amongst the numerous Outbox benefits is its mobile-first approach to ticketing. As more and more consumers are buying tickets using their mobile devices, it is essential to provide a platform that is mobile-optimized. Customers effortlessly purchase tickets from their smartphones or tablets thanks to Outbox's user-friendly mobile ticketing system, without requiring a download of any app whatsoever. This not only promotes sales but also improves the customer experience. Outbox provides a variety of ticketing adaptations within its mobile-friendly ticketing system. Imagine Van Gogh employs timed-entry ticketing whereas Cirque du Soleil uses reserved seats, yet both will offer upsell options.

The Outbox platform provides various perfectly fitted ticketing solutions, making it simple for event planners to cover their ticketing, access control, accreditation, and hospitality needs under one system. Outbox is the best option for event organizers looking to streamline the ticketing process for their touring events because of its capacity to manage ticket sales across multiple venues, maximize box office revenue with sophisticated tools, mobile-friendly ticketing system, support for multiple ticketing options, and ability to work with multiple currencies and languages. Contact Outbox to learn more about its event ticketing system: