Outbox technology adds to the magic of disney

March 4, 2020

Montreal cityscape at night

Outbox’s unique foray into the magical World of Disney is orchestrated by none other than world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. Cirque’s spectacular new show Drawn to Life will draw families by the thousands to a performance that’s sure to raise spirits, heartbeats, sales, and levels of joy for one and all.The magic begins on March 20th, when the world’s largest theme park has chosen Montreal-based Outbox’s unique transaction platform to fill 1,580 seats, ten times a week, in its Orlando amphitheatre, for the new and much anticipated show. Drawn to Life is an acrobatic epic that will immerse spectators into the wonderful world of their favourite cartoon characters.Outbox is delighted to continue to shine internationally with this new creation, and is proud to provide technology that is key to unlocking a world of magic and innovation for the masses to enjoy. As they say « on with the show» , but thanks to Outbox, Cirque du Soleil and Disney working togeher, Drawn to Life is bound to go above and beyond.