Outbox Helps New Clients Outsell Their Tickets

January 18, 2017

Montreal cityscape at night

Technology has never been so entertaining.Outbox seeks to offer the best ticket selling tools in the world. And recently, the innovative Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivieres selected Outbox, with its patent-pending Waiting Room ™ ticket sales technology, to help them supply the ever-increasing demand for its 9,000 plus capacity venue.It’s no wonder, as this wonderful, open-air theatre, located on the beautiful and gusty shore of the St. Lawrence, has continued to blow visitors away with its stunning views and spectacular shows. Having hosted major league stars like Celine Dion, and a 5-year series of Cirque du Soleil annual special creations, it will be packed once again for a Luc Plamondon tribute on schedule for this summer.With Outbox as the exclusive supplier of ticketing services for the amphitheater (3,500 seats numbered + 5,500 seats in general admission), there’s no doubt Outbox will help them reach out, and sell out.And now for something seriously, funny.Outbox has recently signed Juste Pour Rire. JPR is well known for presenting shows in various venues all over Montreal, including Théatre St. Denis and Place des Arts.The international promoter was looking for a multi-lingual solution to their very diversified ticketing needs, and selected Outbox with its EventShopper ™ online selling tool to make purchasing tickets more fun for fans at hahaha.com.Just for Laughs has a simple mission: MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. With Outbox integrated and specialized solutions on board; they’re bound to make everyone even happier.