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March 30, 2021

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Over the past year, venues, promoters and artist found an alternative solution to re-connect with their fans using live and pre-recorded video events. From local comedians, renowned orchestras and artists, the return of ‘’live’’ events were incredibly well received by all. Now, as venues gradually re-open their doors to the public in a social distanced configuration, we believe live streaming the event will be the ideal complement for those not in attendance. Whether your venue is at maximum capacity or fans are unable to travel to the event, our online ticketing platform is the ideal solution to offer both event experiences simultaneously to ticket buyers.

1 system for all your ticketing and streaming needs - EventShopper™ is our industry leading ecommerce platform
Since 2005, the Outbox ticketing system has been used to sell over 500 million tickets, in over 15 languages and currencies. Now, our ecommerce platform enables venues to sell and stream live or pre-recorded events all while keeping its white label format. Venues will have the ability to sell both tickets and videos while offering the same purchase experience.

Control Demand - Optimize revenue
Outbox’s streaming solution offers maximum flexibility to give venues and promoters the tools they need to manage and optimize revenue. Our solution gives users the same tools that are available for ticketing events, whether it be, capacity, pricing (dynamic), transfers or other. An additional security feature is also available to manage geographic restrictions, playback and stream access.

No App required
To stream an event (live or pre-recorded), customers can use any electronic device to log into their customer portal (MyAccount) and access the video stream. This process does not require customers to download an app, making the experience user friendly. Once connected to their account, customers can load their digital stream and begin watching the event on their device or cast the video using Airplay, Chromecast or other onto a larger screen.An additional feature available for customers who cannot attend the live stream event is the option of adding the video to their account for an extended period of time.Technical featuresBy using the technology content creators use to create YouTube or Facebook live events, Outbox users can host livestream events in a similar format. Using RTMP protocol, OBS, or any other broadcasting system, the live event can easily be hosted on Outbox. Events can also be pre-recorded allowing the performance to be edited and then offered as a ‘’live’’ or video on demand format.Outbox’s streaming services use video transcoding giving customers the ability to stream the event anywhere with an internet connection. The Outbox platform has the ability to transcode the video resolution to a lower or higher resolution per the internet connection speed.For more information on our video streaming services, contact Michael Cianci, Business Developpement at