With digital and mobile tickets becoming the new standard in the entertainment industry across the world, Outbox is proud to offer this solution as an integrated feature of its ticketing platform.

For venues, the additional data generated from digital/mobile tickets provides a better understanding of the preferences and behaviours of its customers. With the Outbox marketing and reporting tools, ticket sellers can use the provided data to optimize fan engagement and increase ticket sales revenues.

For ticket buyers, this means a quicker, safer and more dynamic ticketing experience. Ticket holders can manage their customer profile and purchases, handle ticket transfers or reissues, without requiring the intervention of the venue’s customer support desk.

How we differentiate ourselves.

Outbox is a cloud based white-label ticketing solution which provides its clients with all the tools they need to sell their tickets, control sales revenue, and manage customer data through its integrated CRM system.

Key Features:

API integration to add ‘’My Account’’ to your fan app*. Mobile and Apple Wallet integrations.
Dynamic QR Code for secure ticketing.
Customizable mobile tickets.

Your brand. Your data. Our tools
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MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact announced on Tuesday that it will henceforth use Montreal-based platform Outbox for the managing and selling of tickets during the 2019 season.

A new purchasing process, including a 3D interactive seating plan, will be available for the purchase of tickets in 2019. The new IMFC Portal (online account manager) will be more dynamic, while adapting to tablets and mobile phones. It will also allow Members to transfer tickets, and even pay an invoice by taking advantage of the payment plans available. The option to resell tickets for certain games via the new platform will also be a novelty for Members in 2019.

“We are very happy to have reached this agreement with this online ticketing specialist,” said Montreal Impact Chief Revenue Officer, André Côté. “We are proud to offer our Members and supporters a new environment for the management and purchase of their tickets to improve their overall experience.”

“The Outbox team is proud of the show of confidence by the Montreal Impact,” declared Outbox president and founder Jean-Françoys Brousseau. “We think that the use of our technology will provide consumers with an exceptional shopping experience, notably by the visualisation of their seat in virtual reality, while allowing the team to maintain a direct relationship with its supporters.”

Outbox sets the stage for Le Théâtre Du Nouveau Monde to outperform.

Outbox is proud to be playing an important role with its new partner Le Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM), founded in 1951 and run for the past 25 years by actor, director, producer and playwright Lorraine Pintal.

Le TNM is located in downtown Montreal in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles – a center for Montreal’s cultural events and festivals. With a repertoire and love of the theatrical classics of yesterday and today, Le TNM is a major player and reference point for cultural theatre within and outside of Québec. It boasts a national ranking as one of the most important French-language cultural institutions in North America and partners with some of the greatest creators around the world thanks to its dedication to creative openness and artistic freedom that brings innovative, large-scale productions to a wide audience on an international level.

As our new partner, Le TNM will utilize the Outbox platform for all of its ticketing needs and hence outperform at the virtual box office. We’re honored to be a part of the show and watch as our technological innovations help to bring even more standing ovations!

Outbox Helps New Clients Outsell Their Tickets

Technology has never been so entertaining.

Outbox seeks to offer the best ticket selling tools in the world. And recently, the innovative Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivieres selected Outbox, with its patent-pending Waiting Room ™ ticket sales technology, to help them supply the ever-increasing demand for its 9,000 plus capacity venue.

It’s no wonder, as this wonderful, open-air theatre, located on the beautiful and gusty shore of the St. Lawrence, has continued to blow visitors away with its stunning views and spectacular shows. Having hosted major league stars like Celine Dion, and a 5-year series of Cirque du Soleil annual special creations, it will be packed once again for a Luc Plamondon tribute on schedule for this summer.

With Outbox as the exclusive supplier of ticketing services for the amphitheater (3,500 seats numbered + 5,500 seats in general admission), there’s no doubt Outbox will help them reach out, and sell out.

And now for something seriously, funny.

Outbox has recently signed Juste Pour Rire. JPR is well known for presenting shows in various venues all over Montreal, including Théatre St. Denis and Place des Arts.

The international promoter was looking for a multi-lingual solution to their very diversified ticketing needs, and selected Outbox with its EventShopper ™ online selling tool to make purchasing tickets more fun for fans at hahaha.com.

Just for Laughs has a simple mission: MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. With Outbox integrated and specialized solutions on board; they’re bound to make everyone even happier.

Beyond Ticketing

Outbox Enterprises could already count international promoter Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) as one of its partners. Last November, this partnership was expanded by merging the activities of AXS, up to then a wholly-owned entity of AEG, within Outbox Enterprises, creating Outbox AXS LLC.

Outbox AXS LLC, is a global force in the U.S., Canada, and Europe and is committed to building capabilities around the entire fan-event lifecycle. Our passionate team uses the latest technologies to offer ticketing services, digital marketing, venue websites and apps, in-venue payment solutions, and reporting and analytics. Outbox AXS provides fans the opportunity to purchase tickets directly from their favorite venues via a user-friendly ticketing interface. We serve all phases of the event lifecycle beyond just ticketing, through our consumer facing website, AXS.com and the AXS App. The company now employs over 275 employees.

Outbox Expedites Event Ticket Validation and Ease of Entry with Infinite Peripherals™ Linea Pro® Mobile Devices

Mobile ticket and wristband scanning solution used in more than 100 major concert and sports venues in 20 countries

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill., Jul 08, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — A global leader in the management, marketing and sale of live event tickets for arenas, stadiums, theaters and clubs, Outbox Technology CRB Inc. uses the Linea Pro from Infinite Peripherals, Inc(IPC), the leading developer of mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) devices, to more efficiently and accurately conduct business around the world and get event-goers in the door and in their seats quickly. 

IPC’s first-to-market iOS peripheral barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader, the Linea Pro attaches to an Apple® iPod touch® or iPhone® and runs on custom software to validate tickets and RFID wristbands in real time for event access. Outbox created its own proprietary iOS app, Event N3™, that is used to scan tickets using 1D or 2D barcodes, credit cards or RFID wristbands.

“The Linea Pro leverages the Apple hardware in a novel way, giving us access to the iOS platform and converting a consumer device into an effective enterprise-level solution,” said Eric O. Brousseau, product manager for access control at Outbox. “In addition to the ‘wow factor’ here compared with conventional industrial handheld devices, the Linea Pro lets us leverage the iOS platform to develop state-of-the-art solutions.”

Based in Montreal, Canada, and with offices in Los Angeles and London, Outbox has deployed this mobile ticket and wristband scanning solution in more than 100 major concert and sports venues in 20 countries,  including Staples Center in Los Angeles, Target Center in Minneapolis, Caesars® Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas and the O2 Arena in London. To date, the company has used the devices to scan more than 60 million tickets.

Brousseau noted that the compact Linea Pro system, which is more powerful, versatile and cost-effective than its previous handheld devices, has earned universal positive reviews. “Our employees find this solution lighter and more user-friendly, with more wireless connectivity options (WiFi and wireless) and media read capabilities.”

The Linea Pro comes also can be used in various settings for mobile POS, expediting inventory management, asset tracking, ID verification, lead tracking, inspection/work flow, dispatch, time/labor and lab and healthcare. Software development resources and tools are available for the product so customers can program scanner and reader functions into their own software application.

A second chance at the ticket promotion business is a global success

Mary Teresa Bitti, NATIONAL POST

When John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, better known as Monty Python, announced in November they would be hitting London’s O2 Arena for their first live show in 33 years, some 20,000 tickets sold out in just 43.5 seconds. While the announcement was big news globally, the company behind those seamless sales is decidedly low profile — at least among the general public.

Since its launch in 2006, Montreal-based Outbox Technology has become the ticket-selling tool of choice to the world’s top promoters, venues and artists and sells more than $1-billion worth of ticket sales each year on behalf of those clients. In 2013, it was named EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the technology and communications category for its leadership in taking ticketing to another level.

The brainchild of husband-and-wife team Jean-Francoys Brousseau and Constance Raymond, Outbox Technology is their third venture and second wave technology in the ticketing space. This time, they are joined by two key shareholders/partners, Cirque du Soleil and AEG, as well as their three children — the two eldest, Isabelle and Pierre, work in Outbox Technology’s Los Angeles office in fraud prevention and product development, respectively; their youngest Eric is in Montreal overseeing the rollout of Outbox’s new onsite scanning devices as he finishes a degree in economics.

“We never set out to build a family business and our partners certainly don’t see it that way. They see it as an investment and growth opportunity. We are family centred and have grown into a corporate entity. We tread carefully to get the best of both worlds,” Mr. Brousseau said.

Their partners, both much larger multinational companies, benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Outbox and because of the business structure, which has no majority shareholder, the family avoids many of the conflicts typical when two or more generations of a family work together. “I think it’s interesting to see the children have gravitated to the business but it was never our expectation,” Mr. Brousseau said. “They happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

Outbox had just launched its e-commerce site when Isabelle, a math major, graduated from university and was looking for an internship. “She jumped in, liked it and now she is a fraud prevention manager,” Mr. Brousseau said.

“Pierre was a more obvious fit because he’s a computer and math major. We were hiring a lot of people four years ago when he graduated and we gave him some projects. In each case, they proved they were capable. The shareholders were aware. There was no special treatment. If they weren’t good, then they’d have to go. They’re treated the same as all employees,” he said.

To ensure that remains the case, Pierre and Isabelle don’t report to either parent, but rather to their respective department heads. “It gives us distance and ensures there is no free pass,” Mr. Brousseau said. “The people that supervise them know they have free reign to manage them as they manage everyone else on their team.”

The couple also make sure to play to their individual strengths and divide duties accordingly. While it’s hard not to talk shop at the dinner table, the clear delineation of roles has served them well through their entry, exit and return to entrepreneurship.

Their first business, Microflex, launched in the 1980s as a hardware and software company focused on managing data. A young engineer, Mr. Brousseau started the company after a stint working in government. As Microflex grew, Ms. Raymond, came on board to manage the finances and recruitment and talent management. “We have always had different projects and we’ve always respected each other’s abilities,” she said.

“I knew he was doing the right thing. I have an architectural background so I’m able to put my organizational and team building skills to work to find motivated candidates with passion.”

That’s something Mr. Brousseau appreciates. “It’s hard to find and keep great people and she’s done that. She built the team quickly and makes sure everyone is happy and has the tools they need. I focus on the technical side.”

Microflex changed direction when the NHL’s now defunct Quebec Nordiques signed on as a client and asked them to manage season ticket sales. “We improvised a solution and within a few years ticketing became the sole focus,” Mr. Brousseau said.

Gradually, Microflex built a global client base and created a network to better compete with the Ticketrons and Ticketmasters of the world. They sold a system to Cirque du Soleil that worked so well, the entertainment company bought part of Microflex and together they formed Admission Network, which attracted clients such as the Montreal Expos, the old Forum and the Montreal Canadiens. The business model involved distributing tickets as well as licensing the underlying software. They sold both companies to Ticketmaster in 2000 at the height of the tech bubble.

“That was our exit strategy. It was the emergence of the Web and crazy valuations for technology companies and we realized what Ticketmaster offered was more than we could generate on our own,” Mr. Brousseau said.

“After 15 years, we thought maybe it was time to do something else. That turned out not to be true but we didn’t know that at the time.”

In 2005, Cirque du Soleil came calling. Its success meant it had 14 different companies selling its tickets worldwide, which created a marketing challenge. At the same time, its brand is so well known, it did not need a third-party brand like Ticketmaster to handle sales.  “They asked us to create a one-stop shop for them and we partnered again,” Mr. Brousseau said.

“Outbox is a white label, an invisible brand. We offer our clients the ability to put their brand first. From a marketing perspective, that’s the big difference between the other offerings and ours.”

In short order, Ms. Raymond put together a team of young minds and Mr. Brousseau began creating a Web-based, new and improved technology that now features the signature interactive seat maps, 3D customized venue plans and one-page checkout. Former clients the Montreal Canadiens and the Bell Centre came back as did U.S.-based AEG. Outbox now has 125 employees in Montreal, Los Angeles, London and Stockholm.

Jacques Aubé, general manager of Quebec-based independent promoter and producer Evenko was one of those returning clients. One of its venues, the Bell Centre, was the first arena venue to use Outbox.

“We had been a client of the preceding Admission Network and enjoyed the personalized service and adaption of the software to meet our needs on the hockey side and the entertainment side,” he said. “When Outbox launched it offered the ultimate technology. The fact that it is a white label software was also attractive because it meant we could showcase our own brand.”

“We have moved beyond where we left off when we sold to Ticketmaster,” Mr. Brousseau said. “We’ve breathed fresh air into the non-sexy tasks of pricing and repricing seats and delivering tickets.

Monty Python Reunion Tickets Sell Out in 43 Seconds, at London O2


The remaining members of Monty Python have announced four more shows after their reunion at London’s O2 sold out in less than a minute.

The veteran comedy troupe – John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones – announced they were getting back together last week.

A spokesman for the Pythons said the 1 July event sold out in 43.5 seconds this morning and tickets for four further shows had immediately gone on sale.

The concerts at the venue in Greenwich, southeast London, come more than 30 years after their last stage performance.

Speaking at last week’s press conference, they said they would include some of their most famous routines including the dead parrot sketch.

Their last major live show was at the Hollywood Bowl in 1982.

Jean-Francoys Brousseau and Constance Raymond win the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

By The Outbox Team

Jean-Francoys Brousseau and Constance Raymond, founders of Outbox, win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2013 Award.

For 20 years the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award has rewarded entrepreneurs who are on the forefront of wealth and job creation, to help build a better working world for the people, their clients and our communities.  The Entrepreneur Of The Year recognizes the spirit of entrepreneurialism that propels the economy in more than 50 countries.

This year, we’re extremely proud of Jean-Francoys Brousseau, our President, and Constance Raymond, our VP, who won the Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Technology and Communications category. This award represents their combined vision and innovation that has helped Outbox become a world-leader in high volume ticket sales for venues and shows over an easy-to-use technology platform, which brought ticketing to another level.

Congratulations to Jean Francoys and Constance, from all of us at Outbox, for allowing us all to outthink, outperform, and outshine.