While demand for white label ticketing systems increases in the entertainment industry, Outbox’s ticketing solution gives both venues and promoters a complete white label ticketing platform with an integrated CRM solution. By using the Outbox system, our clients no longer require the use of a third-party service provider. They  now control their marketing, their branding, and their customer data. For over 15 years, Outbox has made it a priority to empower its clients by providing them with the tools they need to customize their ticketing operations as well as to exclusively control their customer data.

Through this approach, the Outbox platform manages over $1 billion in international ticket sales annually, in over 20 countries, in 15 languages.


Using our white label ticketing platform, venues and promoters have the ability to market their brand and ticketing operations. The Outbox brand remains completely invisible throughout the experience for the end user.

In addition, Outbox clients have access to a wide range of customizable features, such as a ticket transaction page, customer portal, email communications and much more.


Our integrated CRM system allows Outbox clients to have exclusive and complete control of their customer data, without requiring a third-party  service provider. The data collected through ticket operations and marketing campaigns is owned exclusively by our clients.


Over the past months, Outbox has worked tirelessly to develop new solutions to help its clients return to live entertainment. From launching a timed-entry solution, a social distancing sales tool and a live streaming platform, we are proud to now offer new access control solutions.

These new access control solutions will allow venues to read body temperature and scan tickets upon venue entry. Scanners will first get an instant reading of the customers body temperature and the validate barcode. A safe and quick process.

Two new devices solutions:


To allow all venues and promoters to take advantage of this new feature, we have developed two solutions to meet our client’s needs and expectations.

Integrated Thermal Scanner: This new scanner will replace the current Event N3 access control readers with a new handheld device which will incorporate a thermal temperature reader and a ticket scanner. The combined results will determine who is allowed to enter the venue. The data collected through these scanners will be stored on the Outbox ticketing platform providing venue with real-time reporting on venue entry and safety.

Wireless Bluetooth Scanner: This wireless body temperature reader will work in synch with the current Event N3 ticket scanners. This thermal body temperature reader will provide data as accurate as our integrated scanners solution yet at a lower cost. Here as well, the data collected from both devices will immediately be stored on the Outbox ticketing platform providing venues with real-time reporting on venue entry and safety.

Data and reports:

While the body temperature will not be saved for confidentiality reasons, the temperature-based approval results and the time of entry will be stored in the customer record. By doing so, venue and promoters will be able to refer to this data at any time to validate that all recommended safety measures were applied.

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A ticketing sales solution that applies social

distancing regulations in real-time.

Integrated into its ticket sales application, the solution enables venues to easily set customizable parameters that will block surrounding seats during the seat allocation and sales process. Not before. Whether the social distancing regulation is based on a set distance from occupied seats or on a set number of empty seats between occupied seats, an algorithm handles it from there on.

The Outbox social distancing solution will manage the automated distance and empty seats parameters. Reduced venue capacities imposed by local regulations will also be managed dynamically by our solution.

Three easy steps:

1. Set the venue capacity.

2. Set the number of surrounding seats which must remain unoccupied following a purchase (ex: 2 left, 2 right, 1 front, 1 back, 1 diagonally).

3. Sell social distancing seats in real-time.

To learn more about our solutions and how we can assist you, contact us



Outbox™ now offers online digital media content through its application EventShopper™. Our web streaming and ticketing platform allows artists to connect with their fanbase by providing a beautiful livestream experience.  Customers can now purchase and watch video content through their customer account and watch on any of their electronic devices.


Through integrations with leaders in the streaming and digital media industry, Outbox™allows you to offer your clients pre-recorded content or stream live events with pre-determined conditions such as timed access.


These events can be offered or sold to your customers, members or season ticket holders as an added value. Whether it is theater, sports, interviews or never before seen content, it’s a great way to stay connected with fans.

Customers can log into their password protected ‘’MyAcccount’’ to securely access their content and live stream events. Don’t cancel your events ! Stream and monetize them via our ticketing and streaming solution. 

Contact us to allow us to help you to reach out, stand out, and sell out. Email us at: contact@outbox.com 



The Outbox™ web and mobile platform allows our clients to offer consumers the sale of tickets for a specific time of entry. Whether every 15 or 30 minutes, or any other time slot, you will be able to better control the number of visitors by location or hall and easily apply the recommendations on social distancing. Scanning tickets at the entrance and exit will inform you on how many visitors are inside at any given time.

With the Outbox™ management platform, you can easily control the maximum number of tickets available in each time slot in order to adjust the offer to take into account groups or ticket holders with “Privileged Access”.

Thanks to Outbox™ Timed Entry service, Imagine Van Gogh – The Immersive Exhibition, at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal, Outbox has been part of this success since the very beginning in December 2019.

Outbox™offers a fully cloud-based «white-label» sales & management ticketing platform accessible from a simple internet connection. For consumers, tickets can be purchased from any type of device, without the need to download an app.


Outbox is actively monitoring the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 outbreak and taking precautions to address the safety of our employees and the business needs of our clients.

Two weeks ago, we activated our work from home plan for all, to minimize transmission risks and protect our employees and their families.  The tools already in place to ensure our regular 24/7 services allowed us to transition seamlessly to this new reality.

Our technical support teams remain available as usual to monitor systems and quickly answer your questions.

Our R&D team is actively engaged, and we have launched several development projects to continue to improve our platform. Some of these developments are planned specifically and in direct anticipation of new client needs when Live Events return.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing you health and strength.

The Outbox Team


Outbox’s unique foray into the magical World of Disney is orchestrated by none other than world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. Cirque’s spectacular new show Drawn to Life will draw families by the thousands to a performance that’s sure to raise spirits, heartbeats, sales, and levels of joy for one and all.

The magic begins on March 20th, when the world’s largest theme park has chosen Montreal-based Outbox’s unique transaction platform to fill  1,580 seats, ten times a week, in its Orlando amphitheatre, for the new and much anticipated show. Drawn to Life is an acrobatic epic that will immerse spectators into the wonderful world of their favourite cartoon characters.

Outbox is delighted to continue to shine internationally with this new creation, and is proud to provide technology that is key to unlocking a world of magic and innovation for the masses to enjoy. As they say « on with the show» , but thanks to Outbox, Cirque du Soleil and Disney working togeher, Drawn to Life is bound to go above and beyond.


Outbox adds extraordinary colour to its palette with Imagine Van Gogh – The Immersive Exhibition, at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal. Thanks to their transactional ticketing platform and Tandem Expositions, visitors have the chance to be swept away by the renowned artist’s iconic works of art from December 5th, 2019 through February 2nd, 2020.

Even before the exhibition opened more than 42,000 tickets were flying away online promising spectators a rare and spectacular opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of Van Gogh’s sunflowers and gaze at the celestial spirals of his The Starry Night.

Outbox has been part of the picture since the very beginning, offering a complete customer experience. Their forté is their versatility of being able to work in the realms of both assigned seating and general admission. Their transactional platform known as “timed entry”, is a unique service that offers and sells tickets to spectators at specific times.

Outbox is proud to partner with Tandem Expositions to unveil Van Gogh’s masterpieces in a modern format that’s as big as their impact on art history.


In the heart of Old Quebec City, an innovative, new multidisciplinary space is about to shine like never before, with the addition of Outbox ticketing services to their team. Le Diamant and Outbox is a brilliant union, and an especially happy return to the homeland for Constance Raymond and Jean-Francoys Brousseau, the founders of the Outbox platform, who made their start in this beautiful city.

Dreams are transpiring on August 30thwith the official opening of Le Diamant, under the artistic direction of Robert Lepage.The internationally renowned director and creator is embarking on the latest, and maybe the greatest, stage of his career as he leaves Dalhousie Barracks to settle into an outstanding new creative arena where seats will be rewarded with drama and spectacle.

Together, Le Diamant and Outbox help the arts meet the public in a 642-seat auditorium that will amaze as it evokes the past, the future, memory and innovation.

Through its unique and impressive architectural setting, Le Diamant will combine heritage with contemporaneity and promises its audiences experiences that are as accessible as they are audacious.

As Le Diamant brings art to life, Outbox is honoured to help bring it to the people with the simplicity and accessibility of their online ticketing platform. The Outbox team is proud to partner with Le Diamant and help it shine like a brilliant artistic crown jewel.

The Alouettes team up with Outbox for a touchdown!

The Alouettes have joined forces with another Montreal favourite – Outbox – to make an offensive play in their customer ticketing platform.

Outbox, a major Alouettes fan and experienced player in the field with a strong track record, is proud to welcome this Canadian football team to its ranks. Together they’ll fill the 25,012 seats at Percival Molson Stadium; the Alouettes’ legendary arena for more than 30 years.

In February of this year, the Alouettes also launched a new identity to reignite their die-hard brand, calling themselves les “MontréALS”. This moniker symbolizes the deep-rooted sense of belonging the Alouettes have for their beloved city, which has been a quarterback for their success.

The MontréALS’ new slogan: “Always Game” simultaneously epitomizes the state of mind of this Montreal team. Sun, rain, sleet or snow… they’re always up for anything, as long as it takes them all the way to the legendary Grey Cup. And now Outbox is also “Always Game” to play their part in getting them there.